Positive Reinforcement Training

At Tailored Dog Training, all of our trainers utilize science backed, positive reinforcement training. All of our training is "force-free" and you will always get a great experience with any of our trainers.


Ally Lantis dog trainer

Ally Lantis | Owner, Head Trainer, & Behavior Consultant

Ally Lantis' dog training journey began like many, with a very naughty dog! Working at Pet Food Express as a teenager, she got referred to an excellent positive trainer for assistance with her unruly Border Collie. Very quickly she became hooked and became his apprentice for a few years. Ally taught with him at ARF and then left for college to pursue vet school. While in Oregon studying hard, it became apparent her calling was animal behavior. She worked for various pet stores, mentored under another trainer, worked in an animal research lab, became a district trainer for a pet store chain and then started TDT in Oregon. Ally has her bachelor's degree in animal science with an emphasis on behavior. She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, American Kennel Club evaluator and has titled her dogs in many dog sports (Flyball, Agility, Herding, Barn Hunt). Ally continues her education by attending cutting edge positive training seminars and workshops year round, as well as reading constantly and staying in touch with many trainers around the world, learning about complex cases. Ally has been professionally training dogs for 14 years. She has two children and three dogs.

Christine Tanner dog trainer

Christine Tanner | Trainer and Behavior Consultant

While Christine grew up in a cat-only family, when she moved out on her own she quickly adopted her first dog and has since shared her home with Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds. She has volunteered with both Pit Bull and German Shepherd rescue groups and has fostered several rescue dogs. Christine has her CPDT-KA certification from the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, and is an AKC evaluator. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.  You can find Christine working with her private clients on a variety of training and behavioral issues, and assisting with group classes. She shares her home with her West German working line German Shepherd, Lulu.

Rachelle Carzino dog trainer

Rachelle Carzino | Trainer

Rachelle Carzino has been training dogs professionally since 1989 with Sirius Dog Training offering puppy through adult courses in addition to K9 games and CGC prep. Rachelle has also been teaching agility classes at Freilance Dog Sports since 2000 and has been participating in agility competitions since 1999, titling her dogs. She is a graduate of San Francisco SPCA'S Academy for Dog Trainer's earning a Certificate in Counseling (CC) and has also been an ABC mentor for many years. Rachelle continues her canine education in the realm of positive reinforcement, working with many of the "greats" such as Susan Garrett, Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, and Karen Pyror to name a few. She shares her home with her two agility titled Border Collies. You can find Rachelle teaching a range of all the classes TDT offers.

Sarah Ford dog trainer

Sarah Forde | Trainer and Behavior Consultant

Sarah, also an avid animal lover, took an interest in training when she got her first dog at 8 years old. After finishing college and pursuing a job in the field of her degree, she returned to her true interest of dog training due to her adopted Thai dog. Diving into the theory of positive reinforcement training at length in order to help her dog with her reactivity and other behaviors, she realized training as her true calling. Seeking out an apprenticeship, she started working with Ally and has been hooked on positive training and learning as much as she can! Aside from training and reading about dogs, she loves hiking, camping, and photography. Sarah has now been with Tailored Dog Training going on two years and graduated from an assistant trainer to an associate trainer teaching a variety of TDT classes and working with private clients all over the bay. Sarah is an AKC evaluator and is on her way to obtaining her CPDT-KA certification.

Nicole Kelleher dog trainer

Nicole Kelleher | Trainer

Nicole has had a passion for helping animals since childhood. Following her entrepreneurial spirit, Nicole has started several businesses, one of which, is a thriving dog walking and pet sitting business. Nicole and Ally met through a mutual client and Nicole expressed an interest in learning more about animal behavior and training. After a year of assisting with group and private trainings with the TDT trainers, Nicole has graduated from assistant to associate trainer and can be found teaching an array of classes at TDT.