Before You Start Your Puppy Class

Puppy class requirements at Tailored Dog Training 

Congratulations on your new puppy! We are excited to welcome you to Tailored Dog Training and begin training! We know our new puppy clients have a lot of questions and wish to get started right away. Here are some links for popular puppy behaviors as well as a summary on what to expect at class.

New Puppy Check list:

Potty Training:

Crate Training:



What to Expect in Class

Due to cleaning and set-up before class and getting students out between class, we open the doors either a few minutes before or on the dot of class start time. We ask that for puppies with less than 2 shots, you potty your puppy at home right before your leave. For puppies with two sets or more, potty at home AND when you get to class at the far end of the lot under the tree.

Do not greet any class mate puppies with your puppy on their leashes. Some of our puppies may be shy and not ready to make friends in the parking lot. For the growth and development of the puppies, it is best they learn that when on leash, they can see and smell from nearby, but not to get in the habit of pulling on the leash toward dogs to prevent future leash frustration behaviors that can lead to leash aggression. We will have plenty of off leash social time.

When you get into the training space, a trainer will usher you to your spot. There you will find a chair(s) set-up for you, and a lightly penned space so you and your puppy can see the trainer and puppies across from you, but not interact directly with those next to you to ensure the least distracting learning environment.

Set-up your towel/mat on the floor and get your puppy's chew out. We will come around and take your paperwork and payment and begin class introductions and rules.

We do require you have a towel or mat to teach puppy to settle on their space, a chew so they are not frustrated when we have talking points, a toy to play with during break time, training treats (wellness puppy treats, ella says brand, plato brand, fruitables real jerky just to name a few soft training treats), a treat bag for easy treat access, and 4 foot leash. We will get into harnesses later, so that is not a requirement. We have all of these items available for sale should you need to purchase them. Supply video:

Class follows the format of verbal instruction, demonstration and then your role is to copy the demonstration while waiting for a trainer to come around and personally assist you and your puppy with trouble spots or praise your progress! There are two trainers when class is 6-8 puppies, the lead trainer teaching the class and lecturing and the assistant trainer. The lead trainer must keep class on track so he/she will watch you, assist when needed, and move to the next student with the assistant trainer floating around and helping as well. Sometimes puppies do better with the trainer advising outside your space. We ask that you please remember this is a GROUP CLASS and if you desire more one-on-one training, please look at private lessons.

We ask that you email any off topic questions to your trainer for a detailed answer and to keep class on track. We love to help you with dog food choices, questions about introducing dogs to cats, vacation plans for your pup and vaccine schedules, we just do not have room during class time without veering off course.

We will have your puppy take plenty of "brain breaks" and water breaks to keep puppies engaged during the whole class. Playtime occurs in the last 10 minutes of class. We know some puppies are looking the most forward to this, which is why it is last because if we do it mid-class, we have a hard time getting them (and all of us humans!) back on track doing cue learning.

To get the most out of class, participate during class and after class, join the FB Pup Talk by Tailored Dog Training group, and follow along with the homework emailed to you each week. We also offer private lessons and email consults should you need additional assistance with a behavior.