FAQ for Group Classes

1. Q: My puppy hasn't completed his vaccine series. Can we still attend class and puppy preschool?

A: As long as your puppy has at least ONE set of vaccines and is ONE week out from said set, we approve them for classes and social events. 

2. Q: What is the difference between the class series and the hour drop-ins (IE Perfect Puppy Class vs Puppy Preschool or Primary Puppy School)?

A: Our class series have assigned homework you will receive with videos and tailored suggestions for your puppy or dog. The classes build on material learned and strive for mastery. Doing the classes also allows you to continue your dog's education with the next level course. Puppy Preschool and Primary Puppy School are one hour drop-in times that have playtime intermixed with light training and a talking topic. We encourage the drop-in times if you are not yet in a class, have a busy schedule that doesn't support a series class or you are in between a series.

3. Q: Can my children attend class?

A: We welcome children to attend but be aware of your dog's preference. Some dogs/puppies are very distractable and do better attending class with one handler, for at least the first class. Children must stay with their own dog unless it is during puppy playtime, and assist their dog in learning or do a quiet activity.

4. Q: I don't know if my dog is OK with other dogs, we just got him. Can we enroll in a class?

A: If you are not sure if your dog is reactive at other dogs on leash, we do need to meet your dog before signing up for classes. Please email ally.tailoreddogtraining@gmail.com to set up a quick assessment.

5. Q: What is the difference between Teens and Novice Obedience?

A: Tenacious Teenagers is one of our favorite classes that is topic based. Each week is a different common teenage dog struggle. This class is not about commands/cues but more about problem solving. The first week starts with Focus, the second week is all about Impulse Control. Week 3 is stays, week 4 is recalls, week 5 is heeling. Novice Obedience is for dogs that are not under that "tenacious" umbrella and need straight forward obedience that builds each week: sit, down, stay, come, heel, leave-it, wait at doors, resist distractions.

6. Q: I see their is a coupon code field when I am registering. Where can I find a code online?

A: This field is a part of the registration software we use. We cannot turn it off or hide it. While we do occasionally have coupons they are very specific--goodie bags with coupons given away at a local veterinary event or tradeshow, coupons for alumni dogs to return to training, Happy New Year coupons.

7. Q: I am getting a puppy months out from now and I don't see those classes up at this time. Are you still training in that month?

A: Yes, we train year round and have classes year round. Our schedule is typically out 1 month ahead as changes can occur due to holidays, trainer illness, extreme weather, pushed out classes to gain more enrollment. Specialty classes hit the calendar sooner--so you will see a July specialty class posted and available even in early May. You will not see all of our puppy offerings more than 30 days in advance. Rest assured, they will occur =)