These group classes are for dogs over 5 months of age

This includes older pups/teenagers (5-18 months) and adults (18+ months)



Continue your dog's education all the way through to being a canine good citizen and having fun doing canine sports!

Got a reactive dog? We have classes for them too below!

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Puppy Train N Play Group

This is drop-in and different from our series classes.

  • Ages 5.5-12 months. 
  • 1 hour long combining more focus, manners around exciting things, and light training with play and continued socialization.
  • Playgroups separated by size/energy level.


1 hour.

Must be 5.5-12 months of age.


Tenacious Teenagers

This is THE class for rambunctious dogs that are leash pulling, counter surfing, ignoring your commands, jumping up and getting into trouble!

  • Ages 5-20 months.
  • Class focus: better listening skills, focus, impulse control with distractions, not jumping or stealing things, leash manners, and overcoming other common "teen dog" issues.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 5-20 months of age.


Good Canine Citizen

We recommend this class for Level 2 grads. This is a Therapy Dog prerequisite.

  • Ages 6 months and up.
  • Class focus: Passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. In this class dogs will pass other dogs on leash without pulling, heel with their owners in a pattern, sit and stay for pets, allow grooming from the evaluator, do 20 foot stays, be calm with a variety of distractions and accept a friendly stranger in addition to walking through a crowd.
  • Read about the test HERE.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 6 months and up.


Summer Mini Series!

These special courses really hone in on your dog training goals and won't disrupt your vacation schedule!

  • Loose Leash Walking: 3 weeks, 1 hour each week and last class is held at Newhall Park. No reactive dogs permitted. ALL ages welcome.
  • Real World Distractions PARK series: 2 week, 1 hour each week, both out at Newhall Park putting your training to the test! Can your dog focus with other dogs present? People? Bikes? This class is all about leaving distractions, focusing and ultimate impulse control. For ages 5 months and up.
  • Recalls: 4 weeks, 1 hour each week with TWO weeks held at a local park. We will work through coming when called in a variety of situations and give you the tools to have a fantastic reliable off leash dog! ALL ages welcome.
  • Stop the Jumping!: 2 weeks, 1 hour each week working on all things jumping! Curb jumping on people, furniture, counters and conquer wild greetings. ALL ages welcome.
  • Vacation Manners: 3 weeks, 1 hour each week. This class focuses on skills your dog needs to be the perfect travel buddy: settling on a mat, tolerating other dogs and people in close proximity, resisting dropped food and handling excited greetings, walking nicely, accepting odd sounds and sights (beach balls, big hats, sunglasses, pool floaties, scooters) and learning to be tethered. ALL ages welcome.

Loose Leash Walking: $105 for 3 weeks.

Real World Distractions: $70 for 2 weeks.

Recalls: $150 for 4 weeks.

Stop the Jumping: $70 for 2 weeks.

Vacation Manners: $105 for 3 weeks.




Intro to Nosework

This is a 3 week series introducing the sport of canine scentwork!

  • Ages 5 months and up.
  • Purpose: tire out your dog mentally, teach critical thinking skills, bond further.
  • We will be starting with BIRCH odor and the class fee covers materials for you and your dog to keep and take home.
  • After this series, we will begin a continuation course for those interested.


3 weeks, 45 minutes per week. Includes class materials.

For dogs 5 months and older.



These are 3 week series for each level. If your dog is new to tricks, we recommend starting with Novice Level. We also will have ribbons and trick dog title testing for those interested, though it is not mandatory.

  • Ages 5 months and up.
  • Novice Tricks: paws up, get in a box, spin, shake, crawl, speak, jump through a hoop, kisses, tunnel, balance beam, hold object, push-ups and more!
  • Intermediate Tricks: balance a treat on nose, sit pretty, roll over, pull a string to open something, leg weaves, wave, go to spot, catch toy in mouth, balance on wobble board, fetch, carry objects and more!



3 weeks, 1 hour each week.

For dogs 5 months and older.


Agility Classes

If you are looking for non-competitive agility for your dog, click here.

  • Ages 6 months and up.
  • Class focus: learn the foundations of dog agility, have fun and prepare your future canine athlete for potentially competing!


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 6 months and up.


Freestyle Dog Dancing!

A fun way to up your obedience game through play, some tricks and fancy heeling!

  • Ages 5 months and up.
  • Class focus: tire out your dog and become a team through planned movements of heeling with some fancy tricks, transitions and a whole lot of fun and play! Music and costumes completely optional.


4 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 5 months and up.


Reactive Rover: Enrolling Level 1 for July.

This class is for dogs that lunge and bark and pull at other dogs due to aggression, fear or over excitement.

  • No human aggressive dogs permitted, they need private training with us.
  • Level 1: entry level, first class is no dogs, 3 weeks long for $150.
  • Level 2: for Level 1 grads or those that have instructor approval. 6 weeks long for $300.

* Those that have done Level 2 already OR have reached a certain level in their private sessions, are eligible for DROP IN practice! Click the enroll button to see dates offered. 

We also have a humans only seminar all about reactivity. Please email for more info:

- Level 1: entry level, first class is no dogs, 3 weeks long for $150.

All classes are located at 1011 D Detroit Ave. Concord. As of July 1st, we will be at our new location 4475 K Treat Blvd. Concord. Upon sign-up you will receive the class supply list and how to prepare for class. Questions about class in general? See our FAQ doc here