These group classes are for dogs over 5 months of age

This includes older pups/teenagers (5-18 months) and adults (18+ months)



Continue your dog's education all the way through to being a Canine Good Citizen.

Got a reactive dog? We have classes for them too below!

Click the enroll button to see the dates and times classes are offered. The classes below are offered at our training facility in Concord at 4475 Treat Blvd.

If you are looking for our classes at Pet Food Express Walnut Creek, please click here.



Romp N Play

Here it is, finally! A group play time supervised by trainers with no age limitations! Dogs over 25lbs only! Please email us for small dog playtimes.

  • Ages 6 months and up, and at least 25 lbs.

  • 45 mins long playtime punctuated by any necessary breaks to ensure dogs are not overly aroused.

  • Playgroups separated by energy level.

  • Please only dog-social aka dog friendly dogs. If you aren’t sure your dog fits that criteria, please email us for an assessment.


45 mins

Must be 6 months and over 25 lbs.


Tenacious Teenagers

This is THE class for rambunctious dogs that are leash pulling, counter surfing, ignoring your commands, jumping up and getting into trouble!

  • Ages 5-20 months.

  • Class focus: better listening skills, focus, impulse control with distractions, not jumping or stealing things, leash manners, and overcoming other common "teen dog" issues.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 5-20 months of age.


Obedience Levels Classes

Level 1: Novice Obedience

  • Ages 5 months and up.

  • Class focus: learning and solidifying basic essential cues: sit, down, stay, come, leave-it, heel, off.

  • Best for: newly adopted dogs, puppy grads, teen dogs that are not "tenacious" and dogs that need an obedience "tune-up."

Level 2: Intermediate Obedience

  • Ages 6 months and up.

  • Class focus: mastery of essential cues and taking them to the next level through group games and activities.

  • Best for: novice grads, advanced teen grads, dogs that are ALMOST ready for the Canine Good Citizen class/test.

Level 3: Good Canine Citizen

  • Ages 6 months and up.

  • Class focus: Passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. In this class dogs will pass other dogs on leash without pulling, heel with their owners in a pattern, sit and stay for pets, allow grooming from the evaluator, do 20 foot stays, be calm with a variety of distractions and accept a friendly stranger in addition to walking through a crowd.

  • Best for: therapy dog, service dog prep, level 2 grads.

  • Read about the test HERE.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.



Reactive Rover

This class is for dogs that lunge and bark and pull at other dogs due to aggression, fear or over excitement.

  • No human aggressive dogs permitted, they need private training with us.

  • Level 1: entry level, first class is no dogs, 3 weeks long for $150.

  • Level 2: for Level 1 grads or those that have instructor approval. 6 weeks long for $300.

We also have a humans only seminar all about reactivity. Please email for more info:

- Level 1: entry level, first class is no dogs, 3 weeks long for $150.

- Level 2: requires trainer approval, 6 weeks for $300


Recalls! - Coming soon!

Three week class focused on the most important skill your dog can learn - coming when called!

  • All ages welcome, but only non-reactive dogs allowed.

  • Teaches your dog how to listen and return to you even in the face of real world distractions.

  • Learn the best ways to get a solid recall from your dog - anytime, anywhere.


Three weeks, 1 hour per week

All ages.

No reactive dogs.


Loose Leash Walking - Coming soon!

Does your dog pull on leash? Does your dog lag behind and refuse to keep walking? Teach your dog how to walk nicely at your side, even around distractions!

  • All ages welcome!

  • Learn about the best equipment to use for walks, and how to deal with pulling or lagging behind.

  • Not for dogs who bark and lunge at other dogs while on leash - see our Reactive Rover class.


3 weeks, 1 hour per week.

All ages.

No reactive dogs.

All classes are located at 4475 K Treat Blvd. Concord. Upon sign-up you will receive the class supply list and how to prepare for class. Questions about class in general? See our FAQ doc here