Group Classes

Our group classes and puppy socials are offered in our indoor facility located at 1011 D Detroit Ave. Concord


We are different from your average dog training company!

Our students get customized emails after each class with videos and reading! Puppy class students are added to our exclusive Pup Talk group on Facebook and Reactive Dog Students are added to the Reactive Dog Support group. Our trainers are always available for questions between classes via email and we are always dedicated to using modern, force-free methods! Lastly, classes  are capped at 8 dogs, and any class with more than 6 dogs, gets a second trainer added. We want you and your dog, to succeed!


Puppy Socials

Come have fun with your pups in a safe, sanitized space to socialize with other puppies, people, and objects!

-8 week old minimum age. See vaccine policy here.

- Separate times for ROWDY and SHY/TINY.--New pups under 20lbs, go to SHYS!

- 5o lb max for ROWDY.


30 mins.

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Puppy 101

Start your puppy off right learning polite behaviors, socializing with other puppies and going over popular young puppy problems! Great for puppies 8-20 weeks old. See vaccine policy here.

- Class focus: not biting, not jumping, crate training, potty training, handling, basic cues like sit and down, drop-it, starting leash training, and off leash socialization play.


3 weeks, 1 hour each week.

Must be UNDER 5 months of age.


Puppy Manners

Next step for older puppies to learn continued good manners, more formal early obedience and continued socialization.

- Class focus: increased focus and attention, stay, come, leash training, essential cues and off leash play.


5 weeks, 1 hour each week.

Must be 4-6 months of age.


Tenacious Teenagers

This is THE class for rambunctious dogs that are leash pulling, counter surfing, ignoring your commands, jumping up and getting into trouble!

- Class focus: better listening skills, focus, impulse control with distractions, not jumping or stealing things, leash manners and overcoming other common "teen dog" issues.



5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 6-20 months of age.

bc heel.jpg

Obedience Levels Classes

Levels classes are straightforward obedience classes, punctuated by fun group games. These classes do not include any off leash play or socialization. 

- Level 1 Novice: entry level class focused on teaching and proofing the fundamentals of sit, down, stay, focus, come, greeting people, leave-it and heel.

- Level 2 Intermediate: for teens and Level 1 grads. Class focus is on building mastery of the fundamentals above with fun games, more distractions, tighter heels, better recalls, longer stays and more group activities.

- Level 3 Good Canine Citizen: Class focus is passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Read about the test HERE.

- Recalls: 4 week specialty coutrse limited to 4 dogs for $150. Two classes will be at local parks proofing our recall skills! Must be non-reactive.



Must be OVER  7 months of age, unless given instructor approval.

5 weeks, 1 hour per week.



- All ages and abilities welcome! TRY-OUT Class available!

- Tricks class offers many tricks for any level of dog as each dog progresses at their own pace.

- Tricks to look forward to: roll over, bang, beg up, bow, spin, high five, dance on hind legs, roll up in a blanket, fetch a specific object, jump through a hoop, bow, hide your eyes, back-up and more!

- Trick dog title earning available!


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

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Special Workshops and Classes!

Our workshops and specialty classes frequently rotate for variety. Currently enrolling:

1. Selective Hearing Solutions Workshop: 1 hour workshop with your dog all about listing to the first cue, listing without a treat in hand, getting a more solidly trained dog despite real world distractions.

2. Clicker Training Workshop: 1 hour wokrhop with your dog working on clicker training timing, uses, shaping complex beahviors and learning how the clicker can take your training to the next level!


1 hour.

Reactive Rover: Enrolling Level 1 and 2 for May!

- This class is for dogs that lunge and bark and pull at other dogs due to aggression, fear or over excitement.

- No human aggressive dogs permitted, they need private training with us.

- Level 1: entry level, first class is no dogs, 3 weeks long for $150.

- Level 2: for Level 1 grads or those that have instructor approval. 6 weeks long for $300.

We also have a humans only seminar all about reactivity here.



6 weeks, 45 mins per week.


What to Bring:

Watch our video on what to bring to Tailored Dog Training classes.



There are no monetary refunds for group class after class has begun. No transfer of group service value into private training, UNLESS it is a trainer recommendation due to reactivity in class or canine anxiety.