Group Classes

Our group classes and puppy socials are offered in our indoor facility located at 1011 D Detroit Ave. Concord


All classes below currently enrolling.


Puppy Socials

-8 week old minimum age.

- See vaccine policy here.

- Socialize to objects, people and dogs in a safe and sanitized space.

- Separate times for ROWDY and SHY/TINY.

- 5o lb max for ROWDY.


30 mins.

Best puppy classes in concord

Puppy 101

- Must be UNDER 5 months old.

- Class focus: not biting, not jumping, crate training, potty training, handling, basic cues like sit and down, leash training, leave-it and off leash socialization play-time at the end of class.


3 weeks, 1 hour each week.

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Puppy Manners

- Progression from Puppy 101.

- Must be UNDER 6 months old.

- Class focus: leash training, stays, coming when called, leave-it, not jumping up, overall better manners.

- This class includes play time.


5 weeks, 1 hour each week.


Tenacious Teenagers

- 6 months-20 months of age.

- Class focus: better listening skills, focus, impulse control, stays, come, walking nicely on leash, not jumping or stealing things and overcoming other common "teen dog" issues.

- Dogs that lunge or bark at other dogs or people are NOT permitted in this class. Please instead see Reactive Rover class below.


6 weeks, 1 hour per week.

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Obedience 101

- Must be OVER 4 months.

- Class focus: learning and practicing basic obedience skills and cues such as: sit, down, come, stay, focus, leave-it, loose leash walking and go to your bed.

- Dogs that lunge or bark at other dogs or people are NOT permitted in this class. Please instead see Reactive Rover class below.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

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Good Canine Citizen

- Must be OVER 6 months. Note: this is an "advanced" obedience class.

- Class focus: advanced obedience skills preparing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test such as walking through a crowd, heeling, properly greeting people, handling, passing other dogs, higher level stays, recall, distance cues, and fun games.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

Agility dog training class in East Bay Concord


- Must be OVER 6 months.

- Class focus: having fun learning the sport of dog agility! Tunnels, weaves, jumps, dog walk climbing, body awareness and team building.

TRY-OUT class is only $35 for the hour!


1 hour.

Reactive Rover

- This class is for dogs that lunge and bark and pull at other dogs due to aggression, fear or over excitement. Dogs MUST be prior clients in some capacity to do class.

- No human aggressive dogs permitted, they need private training with us.

Instructor approval required:

We also have a humans only seminar all about reactivity here.



6 weeks, 45 mins per week.


What to Bring:

Watch our video on what to bring to Tailored Dog Training classes.



There are no monetary refunds for group class after class has begun. No transfer of group service value into private training, UNLESS it is a trainer recommendation due to reactivity in class or canine anxiety.