Reactive Dog Seminar: 1 hour 15 min seminar (no dogs) educating owners on how to mitigate reactivity/aggression with their dogs. Triggers may be other dogs, people, cars, children etc. Many clients chose to do Reactive Rover Class which includes this as part of the price IF their dog is reactive to dogs and not people.

Nail Trim and Training

20 minute session with a trainer privately working on helping your dog be comfortable about nail trimming and grinding with a dremel. Some dogs are comfortable and can get all nails done and others need to take things more slowly. Limited spots available each Saturday afternoon. Takes place at our training facility in Concord.

Email Consulting

30 mins for $30, open to current or non-current clients, email consulting occurs with Trainer Ally (the owner) and can cover any topic, including assistance on finding a future reputable breeder or rescue group and dog matching. Email: