Ally is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a certified
evaluator for AKC Canine Good Citizen tests. She has a B.S. in Animal
Sciences with an emphasis on animal behavior.

"There is no question that every dog is different. This is why I tailor the training session to what works best for you and your dog."
Training can cover whatever issues an owner is experiencing;
From potty training and all things puppy, to advanced obedience.

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Welcome to Tailored Dog Training!

Tailored Dog Training is owned and operated by Ally Lantis. Located in Concord, California, we hold dog training classes at our 2000 sq. ft. indoor facility, as well as conduct private sessions in your home. See Group Classes and Private Training for more information on pricing and training methods used.


From private lessons to group lessons, Puppy 101 to my advanced Tricks course, Tailored Dog Training has the program you need for a happy dog and dog owner. Get started on your dog's training and education today.


Our graduates are just as cute as our incoming class of puppies. Take a look at all of our students, from Afghans, Beagles and Collies to Wolfhounds, Yorkies and... well, I can't think of a dog breed that starts with a "Z"!

About Us

My first real challenge was Lucy, a Border Collie I got for my 16th birthday. She taught me about crate training, clicker training, agility and search and rescue. Lucy opened me up to a whole new world...


Welcome to Tailored Dog Training

"There is no question that every dog is different. Which is why at Tailored Dog Training, we use a variety of science based modern dog training knowledge, to tailor the training to your dog and your family! All of our training is force-free and we welcome children and the whole family in on the fun."

Tailored Dog Training is owned and operated by Ally Lantis. Located in Concord, California, Ally and her team of trainers hold classes at their training facility in Concord, as well as provide private training, day training and fun workshops, socials and seminars. Please see the Group Class Tab for group class info and Private Training Options for information concerning in-home training and more.


Tailored Dog Training

Asking to Go Out

Another post in honor of Potty Training Month over at Tailored Dog Training's Facebook page. This one is the answer to a question I receive frequently about how to train a dog to tell you they want to go out to the bathroom.


I get quite a few puppy/dog owners the lament over why their dog can't do commands in certain settings. I wrote a post not too long ago about the "why's" but I didn't really address how to fix the problem.

First, you need to identify the why (see other blog post). Then you can get to work! I am going to go through a few scenarios;


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