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The critical window of socialization closes at 16 weeks of age.

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Puppy Social

  • 45 mins long with light training, going over common puppy problems, and of course, play and important socialization.

  • Ages 8 weeks-6 months. See vaccine policy here. Older play group is on the over 5 months page.

  • Puppies are separated by SIZE and PLAY STYLE.


45 mins.

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Perfect Puppy Class

  • 1 hour each week, 6 week long class that includes the AKC STAR puppy award!

  • Ages 8-20 weeks. Please click here if you have a 5.5 month old and over for those classes.

  • Class focus: sit, down, stay, come, walking on leash, drop-it, leave-it, handling without biting, settle on your bed, no jumping and more!

  • This class includes light play at the end for approximately 10 minutes of each class AND all owners receive detailed homework each week with videos in addition to being added to our closed Facebook discussion group.


6 weeks, 1 hour each week.

8-20 weeks of age


Precocious Puppy Class

  • 1 hour each week, 4 weeks long as a continuation of Perfect Puppy Class.

  • Ages: 14 weeks-25 weeks.

  • Class focus: extension of Perfect Puppy in learning more leash manners, recall, stays, impulse control, focus through more advanced exercises and fun games.

  • This class includes light play at the end of class as well as detailed homework for each week with videos.


4 weeks, 1 hour each week.

14-25 weeks of age



  • 1 hour long, 3 week long class.

  • Ages 3 months and up.

  • Class focus: get your puppy started in the popular sport of agility! Safely navigate mini obstacles, tire out your pup, bond and have fun with agility foundations! Non-competitive beginner adult dogs also welcome.


3 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For puppies over 3 months.

All classes are located at 4475 K Treat Blvd. Concord. Upon sign-up you will receive the class supply list and how to prepare for class.

Our facility is fully sanitized and endorsed by local vets as a safe place to train and socialize puppies that have had at least one set of vaccines and be a WEEK out from said set. See our FAQ here for group classes.

What to Bring:

Watch our video on what to bring to Tailored Dog Training classes.



There are no monetary refunds for group class after class has begun. No transfer of group service value into private training, UNLESS it is a trainer recommendation due to reactivity in class or canine anxiety.