Specialty workshops and Dog Sports classes for fun and competition

These classes showcase a variety of activities you can do with your dog.



Continue your dog's education and have fun doing canine sports! Some of these classes allow you to earn AKC titles for your dog, or get ready for competition.

Most of the classes are appropriate for dogs of any age that have a basic obedience foundation.

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Rally Obedience is a fun canine sport where a dog/handler team navigate a set of simple to complex signs involving obedience cues with a little bit of freestyle and agility mixed in!

  • Ages 6 months and up and have graduated from at least Intermediate obedience or CGC.

  • Class focus: learning the signs, behaviors of the signs, practicing short novice-intermediate courses, gaining owner engagement and having fun!


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

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This is a short series (typically 2-3 weeks) of fun learning new tricks with an added bonus of earning the AKC trick dog titles and ribbons!

  • All ages welcome.

  • Tricks will be tailored to the dogs to ensure they are successful depending on their physical abilities.

  • Class will utilize shaping, capturing and luring techniques.

$35 for each week: $70 for 2 weeks/$105 for 3 weeks.


Nosework Classes

Intro to Nosework

  • Ages 5 months and up. 3 classes.

  • Purpose: tire out your dog mentally, teach critical thinking skills, bond further.

  • We will be starting with BIRCH odor and the class fee covers materials for you and your dog to keep and take home.

  • After this series, we will begin a continuation course for those interested.

Intermediate Nosework

  • Picks up where the intro class left off, adding more difficulty and distractions.


4 weeks, 45 minutes per week. Includes class materials.

For dogs 5 months and older.


Agility Classes

  • Ages 6 months and up.

  • Class focus: learn the foundations of dog agility, have fun and prepare your future canine athlete for potentially competing!

  • Foundations class as well as a Skills and Drills class for more experienced dogs and handlers.

  • We also have rental times available! Email ally.tailoreddogtraining@gmail.com for more info.


5 weeks, 1 hour per week.

For dogs 6 months and up.


Facility Rental

  • Rent our facility for 30 minutes. Use our agility equipment, toys, etc.

  • Great for dogs who are reactive or don’t have a space to be safely off-leash.

  • Practice your obedience or agility skills. We’ll set up and take down the agility equipment for you.

  • One household per rental session.


30 minute rental

One household per session.

All classes are located at 4475 K Treat Blvd. Concord. Upon sign-up you will receive the class supply list and how to prepare for class. Questions about class in general? See our FAQ doc here