Millie Part 3

In an effort to not repeat much from the previous Millie posts, I will simplify that the good stuff is still good. We have overcome more things, learned more behaviors and ran into new challenges. Millie is now 14 months old.


- I can dremal, brush, bathe, and even clip and strip with no issues.

- She will now let me carry her more and jump on my lap when invited.

- No longer barking at vacuum.

- Less nervous of strangers.

New Behaviors

- Backward crawl.

- Distance cues.

- Agility obstacle familar.

- Better fetching.

- Hand stand.

- Freestyle foundations.

- Tandem tricks with Lex.

New Challenges

- Nervous in brand new environments.

- Resurge in crate barking IF crate is located in a new environment.

- Trouble recovering from "scary" events.