Chewing is an innate need for most canines. Puppies need to chew because they are teething and they explore the world with their mouths, much like human infants! Adolescent dogs need to chew as their teeth are setting and molars continue to erupt and set into the gum line. Adult dogs chew as a way of entertainment, to release stress, to clean their teeth and because many of the things we give them to chew are tasty (to them!).

When I have a young puppy or young dog in my home, I can easily go through one chew per day. However, if you get stuck buying the same old large bully stick pack from Costco, your dog may begin leaving bones about the house and acting like chewing isn’t a fun pastime. The key is variety, rotation and knowing your dog.

A small breed dog might do great with greenies, whimzees and tiny twist no-hides but a larger breed will eat a large greenie in a matter of seconds!

My go-to list:

  1. No-Hides: these are very popular right now and we have them in 3 different sizes; tiny twists, 4 inch and 7 inch. We have chicken and venison flavor currently. For my 60 lb dog, a 7 inch no-hide can keep him entertained for a whole day (on and off). The twist is only a 10 minute goodie for my 20 lb dog but a much longer chew for a smaller dog or younger puppy with just baby teeth. We love them because they are “no-hide” AKA not rawhide. Instead they are made from digestable plant material.

  2. Back strap wrap or tail wrap: these are budget friendly chews that take time as the dogs tend to unwind the dried tendon on the back strap or the tail (of a cow). They are low odor, high value and loved my all. Also, no rawhide, so it’s safe.

  3. Water Buffalo ears: these $3 gems landed in our store as an accidental order. Little did I know these ears are about 10x longer lasting than pig ears, and are healthier with no risk of pancreatitis. We have seen many a puppy come back in the NEXT week for puppy class, still working on a single ear!

  4. Etta Says MEGA chews: I love these for allergy dogs. They are 100% X meat on the label as in the Elk has no other added protein. Same goes for all their flavors of Bison, Chicken, Venison etc. They are middle ground on the lasting chart. Fantastic for a reward for going into the crate!

  5. Vital Essentials RAW bar: These are a variety of animal parts that have been freeze dried to keep in nutrients. I love these for the pups, small dogs or a medium snack chew for a large dog. Our customers also LOVE the price point as most of these items are only $1-$4 each. Many of our puppy friends load up on the freeze dried chicken necks at the end of puppy social for the week, only $1 each!

So stop by, grab a chew. Your dog will thank you and you will be happy for some well earned down time!