Pet Professional Referrals

I get asked quite a bit about who I recommend for other pet related needs. Since I get asked so often, I decided to post a list!

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Jeremy Waugh, one of my associate trainers, offers quaility pet sitting in his home. He also is able to provide training at an additional fee. Space is limited as he only takes 3 pet sitting dogs at a time. Rate starts at $60 a night. Email:

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Mille Part 4

Millie is now 2.5 years old. I would say who she is is now pretty solidified. 

Our previous obstacles in the last post were:

  • Issues recovering after a scary event or thing.
  • Uncomfortable in new environments.
  • Resurge in crate barking in new locations only.
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Frequently Asked Questions regarding private training

1.       Where does training take place?

a.       Training takes place in your home. We will use your neighborhood, parks, shopping centers and stores to take “field trips” as necessary if we are working on a behavior such as reactivity or puppy training that requires us to move to new environments.

2.       Should anything be purchased prior to lessons?

a.       No, you don’t need to purchase anything special. We will bring any equipment to show you that you may want to purchase (from us or from your local retailer).

3.       Where should dogs be upon trainer arrival?

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